Classes provide instruction on the use of the katana (Japanese sword) and other traditional Japanese weapons. Practice focuses on how to perform kenjutsu movement and sword techniques with accuracy, speed and power, and how to connect the sword with the body and mind. Kata (prearranged patterns of movement practiced either solo or with partners) are used to train theories and principles as well as teach proper distance and timing. 

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A big thank you to Oto-Wa Taiko ( for sharing their art with us during a workshop held in May 2019. We had a wonderful time trying out taiko drumming and seeing the similarities with training kenjutsu!

Ottawa Kenjutsu Attending a taiko drumming workshop by Oto-Wa Taiko


About Kenjutsu

Kenjutsu literally means “sword technique” or “sword art” and refers to the Japanese warrior arts which were created and developed during feudal Japan. 

At Ottawa Kenjutsu, we strive to follow traditional techniques and continue the preservation of classical Japanese swordsmanship.

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Kenjutsu classes are held at the Ottawa Aikikai Dojo every:

  • Monday 8:00-9:30 PM (Kenjutsu); and

  • Friday 6:00-7:30 PM (Kenjutsu) 7:30-8:15 PM (Iaijutsu)

The class environment emphasizes cooperation and learning in a supportive setting.

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Learning Kenjutsu

There are no prerequisites or skills needed to begin training with Ottawa Kenjutsu as students will be taught at their respective level.

Interested students require only a desire to learn.

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